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Are you feeling that something's missing? That there must be more out there for you and you’re wasting time feeling so stuck? It’s time for YOU to be FINALLY FIRST!


with Suzy Rosenstein, MA, Master Life Coach &
Host of the Women in the Middle™ Podcast

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Welcome to FINALLY FIRST, you virtual coaching community for midlife on purpose. Finally First is a way for you to connect with the like-minded women you’ve been hoping to have in your life. You’ll also finally have a midlife mentor to guide your forward so that you can go focusing on what you can't do to being excited about what you can do! How great is that?

Midlife can really throw you for a loop. The impact of this phase of life may be more jarring than you anticipated. The weird thing is that, even though you might catch yourself saying you’re older and wiser, you only feel older. Feeling stuck certainly doesn’t feel wiser, that’s for sure.

You secretly hope for a lightning bolt of inspiration to hit you and tell you what should do...or maybe a super smart friend...or another self-help book. You’re totally confused and at a loss about how to find the meaning you’re looking for. You might even feel like you’ve lost control of your life.

That’s the problem, my friend.

You have more opportunity than ever before but you can’t even see it. You can’t even imagine it.

That’s because it feels easier now to focus on what you can’t do instead of what you can do. This can feel even worse because you’re not in the habit of putting yourself first.

In fact, my guess is that you haven’t put yourself first in decades.

You might even find yourself thinking that everything would be better if you could just figure out what you want, change your job, fix your relationship or take better care of yourself.

I know how frustrating this can all be because I was there too. I spent five years spinning in a midlife funk myself, being completely confused and stuck about my career and what I wanted for the next phase of my life.

  • I had this sense that I was meant for more but didn’t have the clarity I needed to make a change
  • I had a great job but was bored to tears
  • I was afraid of change in ways that really surprised me including fear of failure and ageism.
  • My mind was a mess and in a constant spin of confusion
  • I just wanted some smart friend of mine to tell me what to do

I bet you’re a lot like I was; you’re looking for answers outside yourself.

Suzy Rosenstein is a Master Certified Life & Weight Coach

Suzy Rosenstein, MA, Master Life Coach & Host of the Women in the Middle™ Podcast

Think about this:

What if being in a midlife funk like this is simply your brain telling you that it’s time for self-care?

Could it be finally time to create your midlife on purpose and put yourself first?

There’s nothing wrong with you.

There’s nothing wrong with your age.

But there is something wrong.

You’re searching.

You want change.

But you know you’re wasting time.

And time is something you think about differently in midlife.

You value it more.

You aware of it more.

You feel it slipping away more.

Finding the direction you’re looking for is taking too long; you wish you could just figure out what you want so you could turn the page onto the next chapter already.

Do you:

  • Feel stuck and frustrated with your lack of excitement about your life?
  • Hate feeling stagnant, like you’re not learning or growing anymore?
  • Feel confused about what you want and how to move forward?
  • Feel unsure about how to prioritize yourself with things like weight-loss, exercise, travel, morning routines, hobbies and the like?
  • Feel bored with your long-term job that looks amazing on paper?
  • Feel out-of-touch with what you really want?
  • Struggle with the whole empty nest thing and finding your way now that your kids have grown up?
  • Feel old and it’s bumming you out?

It’s time to stop the spin, pay attention to yourself for a change and start moving forwaard again.

You’re home.

This is the community you didn’t even know you were looking for but sensed was missing!

Welcome to FINALLY FIRST, you virtual coaching community for midlife on purpose.

Finally First is a way for you to connect with the like-minded women you’ve been hoping to have in your life.

You’ll also finally have a midlife mentor to guide your forward.

Imagine having the support and direction you need to figure out what you want and the steps to take to make it happen.

This is completely different than that stuck, frustrating place you’re in now.

I remember being in that same place.

I asked all of my friends what I should do.

I really did want to magically wake up one morning and just be crystal clear about what I was passionate about and what I should focus on going forward.

But I just couldn’t figure it out.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You WANT to stop being afraid of making changes.
  • You WANT to be less freaked about aging.
  • You WANT to be as excited about your future as you were in your 20s.
  • You WANT to find what’s missing in your life.
  • You WANT to finally put yourself first so you don’t have regrets.

I get it. I hear you.

It’s time for you to become an unstoppable woman who knows exactly what she wants to do with her valuable time on this planet, believes she can do it and does it.

It’s time for YOU to be FINALLY FIRST!

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Self-Care Secrets that Nobody Wants to Talk About:

Webinar Replay to dive into understanding why improving your underwear situation in midlife is an act of self care.

 Passion Project Workbook

 Self-Confidence Workbook



So, I’m not going to waste your time going on and on about “rainbows and daisies”. I’m not going to sell you on how easy this is or that you just wiggle your nose like in Bewitched and POOF, you’ll become a more fulfilled, happy camper overnight.

That’s not how it works.

But... I will tell you that I CAN HELP YOU GET YOU THERE, being way less scared and having more confidence than ever before!



Finally First is a totally fun, upbeat midlife membership just for women like you.

It’s your virtual community to create your midlife on purpose.

It’s the Midlife GPS you’ve been hoping for because it’s also your one stop shop for moving the midlife speedometer needle on your life from stuck and stagnant to fulfilled and excited!

The 5 Step Finally First Formula is simple:

  1. Tune up your Mindset: Learn essential mindfulness tools and strategies to give you the perspective and understanding you need so that you can accomplish your goals.
  2. Check under the Midlife Hood: Understand the impact of the way you’re thinking about aging and your capabilities and how it’s affecting your life so that you can learn to think on purpose at any age.
  3. Map Out & Explore your Here and Now: Be guided to assess and understand the impact of three distinct areas of your life (self-care, career, relationships) that have a huge impact your happiness and fulfillment in midlife so that you have what you need to decide what you really want going forward.
  4. Set your GPS: Make decisions about and plan your future goals so that you know exactly how to make your goals and dreams come true.
  5. Hop in the Driver’s Seat: Start living in alignment with your core values, goals and dreams so that you confidently put yourself first and there’s no longer any disconnect and you have become the woman you want to be going forward and have the courage to regret-proof your life! Yes, even at your age!

ARE YOU READY TO FINALLY BE FIRST?  It's been a long time coming girlfriend.

FINALLY FIRST is a life-changing experience for midlife women. Quite frankly, It won’t be the same without you.

Joining Finally First will help you become the woman you’re ready to become to do midlife on purpose.

No more thinking on autopilot.

No more being stuck and confused.

No more wasting time.

You’ll join a community of amazing, like-minded women who want the same thing - to get guidance, insight and accountability to regret-proof your life!

You’ll learn to get unstuck and moving again because you’ll learn to manage your mind in a way that you never thought possible. You have more control over your life than you think!

Make this your favorite one-stop-shop for all of the midlife coaching, mentorship and mindfulness you need.

Don’t waste time feeling stuck and alone!

Think about it. Huge value! Every month you’ll get $1799 worth of high value, monthly midlife goodness for only $67 per month (only $2.23 a day)! Or get it for even less with one-time $670/yr payment. What are you waiting for? 

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Doors Open March 1, 2020!


Here’s what’s one click away:

  • Connection and insight to finally move forward
  • Community so you have more fun and don’t feel alone
  • Guidance to do Midlife on Purpose so you stop wasting time

Sounds pretty great, right?

Get your reading glasses - here's a bit more about joining.

This is a monthly membership. The concept is that you pay each month and the work that you're doing builds and relates, so you’ll always be growing forward as you learn how to do midlife on purpose. You can also save money and pay for a full year in advance. You may cancel at any time. There are no refunds but with everything you like to worry about, you don't need to worry about this; you’re going to love being Finally First!


✓ The Finally First Thinking Tune Up, self-coaching tools that you’ll learn in your first month that will help you create more understanding than you’ve ever had before in your life about why you think, feel and do what you do. This is the foundation of how to learn to think on purpose so you can do midlife on purpose.

✓ The Finally First Midlife Map, a curriculum that’s a combination of transformative video lessons and worksheets each month to teach you exactly how to think differently about your age and stage so that you can keep moving forward and create the life you want.

✓ A Private Facebook Community, where you’ll connect with amazing women in the middle, just like you. This is a place to talk about the lessons, ask questions, and get inspired. Growing, learning and getting to know other women who are also applying this work at this age and stage in life is one of the most valuable parts of this experience. Life-changing.

✓ The Women in the Middle Podcast Workbook, which will feature curated podcast content to reinforce the monthly focused work.

✓ Midlife Coaching & Mentorship Classes, where you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for coaching on the monthly virtual group call and also learn from those being coached. I’m a Master Coach and Instructor at The Life Coach School and use a causal coaching approach, based in cognitive psychology. The coaching will take your midlife perspective to a whole new level so that you can begin to make the changes you’re excited to make. Because we’re a midlife community, it’s easy to relate to the other women. Coaching calls are a beautiful thing.

✓ Bonus Classes & Virtual Workshops on topics like Kick Start 50 Vision Boards, Self-Care, Relationships, Career Change, Goal Setting, Empty Nest, Positive Aging and more! Check the calendar to see what amazing video workshop or coaching call is available for you to continue growing forward!

✓ Bonus Midlife Transition Case Studies with members who have done big, scary things and share what they’ve learned so that you can apply these lessons to your life as well.

✓ Book Club for those members who want to read recommended self-development books and gather virtually to talk about them together.

✓ Accountability Club for those members who want to connect on goal setting and how to stay on track.

It's time to claim your bonuses!

✓ Self-Care Secrets that Nobody Wants to Talk About Webinar Replay

Dive into understanding why improving your underwear situation in midlife is an act of self-care!

✓ Passion Project Workbook

Discover what your passion project should be or has always been. No need to be confused about it anymore!

✓ Self-Confidence Workbook

Learn why confidence may not be enough when you want to build self-confidence. The secret sauce is that you have to believe!

What’s it going to be like to take the plunge and “be finally first?”

I’m so glad you asked!

The thing about being stuck and unfulfilled at your age is that it’s such a downer - a real drag.

When you’re finally first and start prioritizing yourself, you open the door for your life to change - for real.

Finally First is a serious but fun coaching program to teach you how to manage your mind like a midlife boss.

Your brain needs your attention. It’s running amok. That is, your brain is behaving in a frenzied, out-of-control, unrestrained manner. It’s doing so without your permission.

This is not serving you, my friend.

The way you’re thinking is the reason you’re feeling how you’re feeling. That’s your midlife mindset calling the shots. And it’s not getting you where you want to go.

In order for you create that beautiful, intentional midlife that you want, you need to start with the cause of the problem, which is your thinking.

You need to become the queen of your brain domain. Bring on that courage because it might get a wee bit uncomfortable as you activate your inner brilliance. Sparkle power is on the way!

You’ll gradually get more and more comfortable with your newly honed mindfulness skills and will start thinking on purpose. My clients describe this as noticing a subtle shift in their perspective. This is where the fun begins. You’ll start to really believe that midlife is only the beginning!

You know you’re ready. You’re wasting time spinning and feeling stuck.  You know life is short, so let’s get going.

I’m in! I’m ready for more fun!

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Doors Open SPRING 2020!

Suzy is an amazing coach! I was in a serious rut with my business and life when we first started working together. Suzy helped me get to the heart of why I was feeling so stuck and gave me the tools and support I needed to get – and stay – unstuck. It feels great to have my business and life back on track again.
- Margaret V. Iowa
Suzy’s program and the community she created were the fuel that got me to my goals. I learned the importance of being reliable to myself first; to plan for obstacles and create strategies ahead of time to overcome those obstacles that could potentially get in my way of achieving my goals. She helped me identify the thoughts that were getting hijacking the results I wanted in my life.
Wendy M. California
Coaching with Suzy has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  She is highly skilled, has a laser focus ability to see what is holding you back and is relatable and fun.  Since I’ve been coaching with Suzy, I’ve lost weight, made the decision to change careers, developed strong boundaries, manage my thoughts, taken risks, and I’m happier than I have been in years!
- Debbie B. California
With Suzy’s help, I was able to take the “automatic” out of my “automatic default.” The actions I do or do not take are no longer a mystery of why to me. Do I still stumble off the path I envision for myself? Yes. The difference is that after coaching with Suzy I’m able to recognize stumbling means nothing other than I need to get up, brush myself off, and get right back on the path to the life I’m designing for myself.
- Laurie W. Nebraska